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Sax School Membership

Learn at your own pace with hundreds of step by step video lessons, and a new lesson every week! Learn awesome jazz ...

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Getting Started with Saxophone

From your very first notes, to learning your first tunes, this 10-lesson course will get you up and running fast! Eve...

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Mini Course: Introduction to Pentatonics for Sax

(This Mini Course is part of the Sax School Members Area) Pentatonic Scales are one of the most powerful and ver...

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Mini Course: Introduction to SKA Saxophone

(This Mini Course is part of the Sax School Members Area) Learn the essential skills you need to begin playing Ska on...

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Mini Course: White Christmas (Jazzy) PLUS Improv Tips!

This free mini course will get you playing a great jazzy version of the classic Christmas tune "White Christmas" PLUS...

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The Ultimate Guide to Practicing Saxophone

Get Expert Advice on how to make Massive Progress with your saxophone.  Understanding how to practice is so imp...

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Horn Section Workout

Give your technique and rhythm skills a boost as you learn the essential SKILLS and STYLES you need to play in a pop ...

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Blues Mastery for Saxophone

Get started with blues and improvising on saxophone with this complete structured course showing you everything you n...

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10 Classic Horn Section Riffs for Saxophone

This bundle of PDF transcriptions for 3 horns and practice backing tracks will get you playing the 10 most important ...

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