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What's inside Sax School?

Explore the huge lesson library to learn what you want, when you want.

Beginner to Advanced

All lessons are categorised from beginner to advanced so you can find something to suit you. Our lesson plans help you get started fast too!

500+ Step-by-Step Lessons

Explore more than 500 step by step video lessons for alto and tenor sax. Each lesson includes a worksheet to download and many also include a free backing track!

New Lesson each week!

Our lesson library is growing with a brand new lesson every week throughout the year, so there is always something new to challenge you.

Jazz, Pop, Blues and Skills

Whether you want to learn a new jazz or pop tune, or develop your improvising or high note skills, you can do it with Sax School.

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Sax School works seamlessly on PC or Mac, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, iPhone, windows devices or Android.  You just need an internet connection to get started and access is 24/7!

 Learn anytime you want with full access to the complete library of lessons.

No teacher near you? It's fun and easy to learn on-line!

"I've started to play for the first time aged 59 and tried a couple of teachers. one was really good but lived 180 miles away. The other was a school teacher and therefore not really on my wave length. Became member of sax school and bingo! Now I can learn what and when I like, at my own speed.  The variety of lessons means learning stays fun and rewarding too!"

Susanne Pearce

Easy to follow video lessons - even if you don't read music!

Although every lesson comes with a worksheet you can download, you will learn visually in easy to follow steps with clear explanations.

Join a huge, worldwide community of saxophone learners.

Thousands of people in more than 70 countries already use Sax School to learn. As a Sax School member you can connect with other learners like yourself to share ideas and support.

Meet your teacher: Nigel McGill

Big Bands, Orchestras, TV Sessions, Festivals, Musical Directing...

I have spent the last 25 years performing and leading bands all over the world. 

You may have heard my playing on TV shows like "24" and "Bones" or seen my big band perform nightly for the award winning show "Rat Pack" in London's West End theatres, USA and Europe.

A few years ago I began sharing my saxophone knowledge online.  I have now helped literally thousands of players all over the world through my online Sax School .  

Every day people in more than 70 countries use my lessons to improve their skills.  Let me help you too!


I'm brand new to sax - will this suit me?
Yes! We have an entire "Getting Started" section inside Sax School that will guide you quickly through your first notes, and your first tunes. Plus, there are many "Beginner" level lessons too.

I want to get better at improvising. Will Sax School help?
There are a number of lessons in Sax School designed to help you learn improvising fast. Plus, we'll walk you step by step through learning some classic solos from different styles, which is one of the best ways to develop your skills.

Do I get access to all the lessons during my 30 day trial?
Yes!  Everyone with a Sax School membership gets unlimited access to the entire Sax School Lesson Library.  So that's hundreds of videos, plus a new lesson every week.  Plus, all our Mini-Courses are also included.  Our advanced courses like Blues Mastery and Horn Section Workout must be purchased separately though when you are ready to progress.

Can I pay in US Dollars?
Yes - just follow the links on the checkout page. We offer subscriptions in either USD or GBP! 

Can I view the lessons off-line?
Sax School works best on-line because we are always adding new lessons, however you can download each video lesson to work off-line too!

I don't read music, will these lessons work for me?
Sure. The videos teach you in a visual format so you can learn just by watching and working through each lesson. We do also have a series of lessons to help you learn music too though, and each lesson comes with a music worksheet to download.

I want to get Blues Mastery - do I need a Sax School membership first?
No.  Lots of our students do own both courses but you can own either separately.

What styles will I learn in Sax School?
Our lesson library is so big because we cover a bunch of different styles in Sax School. So, whether you want to learn jazz standards, pop tunes, rock sax or the blues, we have you covered!

No risk - start today!

I know Sax School will help you to progress as a player and meet your musical goals. But above all else I want you to be happy. With all of our membership plans you will get full instant access to everything in Sax School.

So that's all the lessons, the music and worksheet downloads and any backing tracks included with the lessons.

Of course you can easily cancel at any time. And if for any reason you are not completely satisfied I will arrange a refund for you with no questions asked.

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