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About Blues Mastery:

"I want to start playing the blues on sax but I just don't know where to start"

.....sound familiar?

Don't worry, you are not alone.

Just about everyone struggles with confidence and knowing which notes to choose when starting out with the blues and improvising.

Even I did.

Then I learned a few important techniques that opened up improvising to me.

These techniques gave me a framework I could use when improvising.

Having a set of rules made me so much more confident with it came to playing the blues, and every other style of improvising.

Suddenly it became easy.

Now 25 years later I'm fortunate to have performed all over the world from hit TV shows to the most famous London theatre stages.

Let me share these techniques with you.

 ...So you too can have the skills that makes playing the blues and getting started with improvising dead easy.

Why the Blues?...

Because it's the best place to start learning improvising.  PERIOD.

Starting out by getting a solid grounding in the Blues means you will not only have a bunch of fun, but you will also be developing skills you can apply to any other style of playing from jazz to pop.

So, I've built a step by step course that will show you in easy steps how you can become a confident blues player.

It's called:

Blues Mastery for Saxophone

This course is a series of 50 video lessons divided into 4 modules that take you right through from the absolute basics to blowing over the blues in a number of different styles.

Inside you will learn:

  • How you can play an awesome blues solo WITH JUST 6 NOTES so you can get started quickly
  • How to use "THE RHYTHM-INATOR" to master your feel and create interesting solos
  • The trick to ALWAYS KNOWING WHAT TO PLAY so you can be confident every time you improvise
  • How to go "BEYOND THE BLUES SCALE" and unlock your creativity so you can sound like a true "blues player"
  • How to get an AUTHENTIC SOUND in a range of blues styles.

Plus much more...

Is it right for me?

If you are a beginner to intermediate saxophone player and want to learn how you can get started playing the blues and improvising - then heck yes!

Even experienced and professional players who struggle with improvising will find Blues Mastery a powerful tool.

Blues Mastery for Saxophone covers the foundation skills you need to begin your journey of understanding the blues and improvising.  The lessons are for Alto and Tenor sax with separate music for each where necessary.

The course begins by building your confidence and developing your ear before moving on to more advanced concepts and styles.

My Story

Although I've been working as a professional musician for more than 25 years all over the world, I actually started out in a small town in the far north of Australia.

I dreamed of having a course like Blues Mastery back then when all I had were a few of my parents records to learn from (yes, that was pre CDs!).

From there though I went on to perform all over the world with Symphony Orchestras, jazz ensembles and big bands.  I even ended up conducting and running one of the best big bands in Europe.

You may have heard my playing on TV shows like "24" and "Bones" or seen my big band perform for the award winning show "Rat Pack" in London's West End theatres and around Europe.

A couple years ago I decided to start sharing what I had learned about saxophone with people online.  I have now helped literally thousands of players all over the world through my online Sax School and every day people in more than 70 countries use my lessons to improve their skills.

The most common question I get from my students:

"how can I get better at playing the blues and improvising?"

So, I have created Blues Mastery for Saxophone to answer that question and help players like you become more confident with improvising by learning the right skills to get started.

Here's what is inside:

The Blues Mastery for Saxophone course is broken down into

50 step-by-step video lessons in 4 modules.

Each lesson is packed with tips and techniques you can use today to start improving your skills. Plus there are worksheets and practice backing tracks to download with the lessons.


  • The two pillars of a great blues solo
  • How to play a GREAT BLUES SOLO with just 6 notes
  • A recap of Blues Scales and why they are important
  • The Ultimate Blues Warmup
  • Artist Profile - Lee Allen
  • Tune: "Taking a walk with Lee"
  • How to get the "Lee Allen" sound
  • Module Practice Targets


  • Developing your ear
  • Call and Answer challenge #1
  •  Call and Answer challenge #2
  •  Artist Profile : Sil Austin
  • Tune: "Doing the Continental"
  • Getting the "Sil Austin" sound
  • The Rhythm-inator
  • Module Practice Targets


  • Beyond the Blues Scale
  • Artist Profile:  Hank Crawford
  •  Tune: "The Creeper"
  • Getting the "Hank Crawford" sound
  • Advanced improv tips on "The Creeper"
  • Tune: "Nite Owl"
  • Getting the sound for "Nite Owl"
  • Advanced improv tips for "Nite Owl"
  •  Module Practice Targets


  • The trick to always knowing what to play
  • Artist Profile:  Red Prysock
  • Tune: "Riffin' The Blues"
  • Getting the "Red Prysock" sound
  • Advanced improv tips for "Riffin' the Blues"
  • The "One Note Solo" technique
  • Tune: "The Blues Man"
  • Getting the sound for "The Blues Man"
  • Advanced improv tips
  • Tips, tricks and mixing it up
  • Module practice targets and recap



  • Lessons come with worksheets and practice backing tracks to download.
  • Blues Mastery can be viewed on any internet device.
  • You have lifetime access to this training
  • and you can download the video lessons for offline learning.


Here's what students say about Blues Mastery for Saxophone:

Myron Lescott

“I've just started on the course, and am finding it informative and challenging. I have previously spent lots of money on lessons which have not given me what I have managed to pick up in a couple of hours on this course. Just wanted to say thanks!”

Paul Fairchild

“Loving this course - I can already see great improvements. It will make a change from just playing melodies. I've just cancelled my music lessons - I'm far too busy with this to worry about anything else!”

Lance Clark

“Your lesson plan in Blues Mastery is pretty darn close to perfect for a learner like myself…progressive layering of practice/ learnings that I suspect will help me with the basics while slowly building confidence that I can express my ideas. Thanks!”

Is this course for me?

If you are brand new to saxophone, then no, this probably isn't right for you.

But if you have been playing for a little while and are ready to really boost your skills, then you definitley need this course.

OK, how can I get started with this course?

Blues mastery contains more than 10 hours of tuition divided into 50 video lessons. Plus dozens of backing tracks and worksheets to download and use.

This is not a course to use once and put on the shelf.

The lessons in Blues Mastery for Saxophone are designed for you to use them over and over, making more progress each time.

To get this training one on one with me would cost in excess of £1000

...and you wouldn't have the videos to revisit afterwards.

However... I know this course will help you and I don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to make a massive improvement with your improvising and blues playing.

So, I want to make you a very special offer.

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Blues Backing Track Collection

Order today and you'll also get FREE this fantastic collection of blues backing tracks that you can use to supercharge your practice routine.

The Blues Backing Track Collection contains:

  • 21 High Quality practice tracks in different keys and tempos to boost your practice routine
  • The 12 Bar Blues Practice Collection sheet music for alto and tenor saxophone
  • Scale and note reference so you can get started improvising over the blues tracks quickly

Total Value: £47

FREE today with the Blues Mastery for Saxophone course

Jo Preston

I am more confident now than when I started Blues Mastery 6 months ago. Thanks Nigel, his has come just at the right time in my Sax playing journey!

John Carlo

I have always faked my way through the blues. Sometimes it worked but I never had a disciplined approach to improving. But now I have a guide. Thanks Nigel!

Mark Thomas

I thought I would never be able to improvise, but this course is helping me change all that. I am now able to confidently improvise and also understand the concepts behind what I'm playing.

So, are you ready to improve your playing?

Taking the Blues Mastery for Saxophone course is probably the best decision you can make to improve your blues and improvising skills.  

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