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What People Are Saying:

“I've always wanted to learn saxophone and am making great progress with your lessons. I think that you are an inspirational teacher and the lessons are brilliantly explained and structured.”

Annemarieke Kroon, Netherlands

“I started sax when I turned 50 but was getting discouraged and bored with my weekly lessons. Then I found Sax School and my progress has been unbelievable. I now have about 10 songs that I can actually play and I am loving it. Thank you for making things easy for me!”

Georges Nge, Cameroon

“Although I first tried to learn sax 50 years ago, it's thanks to your great site that I am playing by music and not by ear. Keep up the great teaching mate!”

Gordon Eckel, Queensland Australia

“As a professional educator I can tell you that your teaching style is first rate. I'm really enjoying Sax School. You have a natural gift of teaching coupled with a real musical talent, and that is rare.”

Bob Hartman McNamara Ph.D. USA

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Sax School 30 day trial. 30 Days Free then £19.99/month
Trial 30 day trial
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The Ultimate Guide to Practicing Saxophone £6.99 GBP
Due Now £6.99 GBP
Due Now £0.00 GBP

The Ultimate Guide To Practicing Saxophone

£6.99 PDF Download

Learn how to practice properly so you can make the most progress your sax. 

This 29 page PDF book will guide you through how to structure your practice for success and includes exercises to get you started.