Horn Section Workout for Saxophone



Do you love great horn sections like Wilson Pickett, Tower of Power and James Brown?

All these bands have amazing horn sections - and this music is some of the most fun you can play on your sax. And, playing horn section music is one of the best ways to really improve your skills like:

  • Rhythm and time keeping
  • Tuning and intonation 
  • Ability to read rhythms quickly
  • Understanding different styles.


The problem is, most of us don't get to play this music...

I know first hand how good playing horn section music is for your playing , and I want you to have the skills you need to do it right. 

So I created Horn Section Workout.

What's inside?

Horn Section Workout is a full course of 40+ video lessons that guide you step by step through what you need to know.  Plus you'll learn a bunch of great tunes and get the horn charts and backing tracks that you can use to re create the horn section sound in a range of key styles.



First you will learn the key skills you need to really master horn section playing. And this is really important so that you can make the most of every tune you learn. 


Then you will learn a range of awesome original tunes written in the key horn section styles you need to know as a sax player.

You'll learn music in the style of:

  • Soul / Motown bands like Wilson Pickett
  • 70s funk like James Brown
  • Awesome 16th rhythm funk like Tower of Power
  • Acid Jazz style like Dap Kings or Incognito
  • And Contemporary Horn Band style of Bruno Mars.

What you get:

Horn Section Workout contains over 40 step-by-step videos.

Each tune you learn is scored for 3 horn parts and you will learn the top part in easy steps throughout the video series.

Plus, you get the full horn arrangements for either Alto or Tenor sax.

Also you will get a full set of backing tracks for each tune that you can use to practice, learn and perform.


Why is this important to me?

There is no doubt that horn section music is so much fun to play, but did you know just how good it is for your rhythm and feel?

As you work thorugh this course, you will really begin to understand how to read rhythms better, and develop your sense of time and feel.



Here's what students say about Horn Section Workout:

Leslie Milner

“Thanks for making this course! Although I play with a community band I have always struggled with reading and timing. I like the system you explain in this course and it's going to help me a lot!”

Royce Nies

“I'm loving this course Nigel. I already play in a horn section but I look forward to see how this course will make our section sound even better!”

Andy Avenell

“I've played for years by ear and my weakness has been reading music. This course is definitely helping me improve my reading, and I'm loving the challenge of learning about horn section playing too!”

Meet your teacher: Nigel McGill

Big Bands, Orchestras, TV Sessions, Festivals, Musical Directing...

I have spent the last 25 years performing and leading bands all over the world. 

You may have heard my playing on TV shows like "24" and "Bones" or seen my big band perform nightly for the award winning show "Rat Pack" in London's West End theatres, USA and Europe.

A few years ago I began sharing my saxophone knowledge online.  I have now helped literally thousands of players all over the world through my online Sax School .  

Every day people in more than 70 countries use my lessons to improve their skills.  Let me help you too!

Craig Miller 


"Nigel has put A LOT of work into this course. Even at the full price I think its a bargain. The amount of supporting documentation, backing tracks and full track examples is amazing and had to be extremely time consuming to pull together. This is better prepared and laid out than just about any university level music course I have taken - Great job Nigel."

Is This Course For Me?

If you are brand new to saxophone, then no, this probably isn't right for you.

But if you have been playing for a little while and are ready to really boost your skills, then you definitley need this course.


How Much Is It?


  • The full course of over 40 video lessons
  • All the charts for alto and tenor sax
  • All the backing tracks
  • Unlimited, lifetime access


Normal price is £127


But wait, order today and you'll also get this great bonus:


Nigel's 10 Classic Horn Section Riffs bundle


What is it:

This collection of PDFs and Backing tracks will help you learn the top 10 most important horn section riffs that every sax player should know.

These are the original riffs from classic recordings by artists like:


  • Wilson Pickett
  • James Brown
  • Earth Wind and Fire
  • Tower of Power
  • Amy Winehouse

and more. 


You get the PDF charts scored for 3 horns plus the full set of practice backing tracks.

All charts are for Alto Sax, Tenor Sax and a mixed section of Alto + Tenor + Bari so you can start re-creating these cool riffs right away.

Normal price £49

You get it FREE with Horn Section Workout today.

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If you want to get started improving your technique and learning some great horn section skills, this is the course for you. Take action today so you are ready for your next horn section gig!

Here is what you get:

Horn Section Workout

  • Learn the ESSENTIAL Horn Section styles you need to know
  • 40+ step by step video lessons
  • Full horn arrangements for alto and tenor sax
  • Complete bundle of backing tracks for practice and performance
  • Lifetime, unlimited access

Normally: £127


Nigel's 10 Classic Horn Section Riffs

  • Learn the 10 most important horn section riffs for sax players
  • Full set of PDF charts for 3 horns
  • Practice backing tracks
  • Charts work for all sax combinations

Normally £49

Total Value: £176

Horn Section Workout + Bonus Riffs Bundle

Get instant access and start developing your skills with this amazing course.

Normally £127 + £49 = £176

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