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I want to learn my first notes and my first full tunes on saxophone.


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Blues, Pop & Ska

I'm getting back into sax, help me get my play my favourite songs.

Brand new to sax? We've got you covered!

Join thousands of beginner players who have used our easy step by step lessons to get started.
Our split screen video lessons will help you go from your first notes to playing your first tunes, even if you don’t read music. However, when you are ready, we have lessons to help you with that too!

"I’m so grateful I came across your website (via youtube). Sax School is so professional and engaging - and for the beginner, very well laid out. I also really appreciate your warm and encouraging coaching style, something missing in quite a few other websites!"

Louise Ramsay

Become the confident improviser you always wanted to be.

Learn how to unlock the puzzle of improvising with solid, actionable skills that give you a framework for success. Learn the essential improv skills with our step by step courses, then put them into action with our huge resource of lessons and jazz standards inside Sax School.

"I’m very impressed by the structure of your lessons, and how you have created a worldwide community for us. This is a big advantage for newcomers to saxophone. I have myself spent over 30 years teaching adults and I want to compliment you on your excellent courses!"

Hans Nava-Barrefors

Want to play the tunes you love? Here are the tools to do it right.

Sax School will help you get your playing on track with structured courses, step by step guides and lesson plans so you can make the fastest progress. Explore hundreds of lessons that will help you play classic jazz and pop melodies, and the famous solos that first inspired you to play. Our thriving community will support you on your journey to becoming the confident performer you always wanted to be.

Learn what you want, when you want.

Whether you are a brand new beginner, or have been playing for years, you will always find something to challenge you inside Sax School. You choose what you want to work on, we help you get there!

The best online saxophone lessons, used by thousands of players around the world.

Develop your skills with the Mini-Course library.

These step-by-step structured courses will help you get results on your sax fast. From beginner saxophone skills to advanced topics like Jazz Modes, improvising and the blues, our Mini-Courses will move your playing forward. And, we are adding new Mini-Courses each month!

"Your lessons are the best I've found online. You have helped me to make so much progress, even though I never was able to read music before!"

Gordon Eckel
Queensland, Australia

Learn to play your favourite songs and legendary saxophone solos.

You'll get on-demand access to hundreds of step by step lessons. Learn in easy steps how to play the music you love. Lessons cover all styles from Big Band to SKA, Jazz Standards to Smooth Jazz (and everything in between), including:

We've helped thousands of students.

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Meet your new teacher: Nigel McGill

"I've spent 25 years working in every part of the music business - let me share my knowledge with you"

Nigel McGill  Sax School Founder

Big Bands, Orchestras,
TV Sessions, Festivals,
Musical Directing...

I've been very fortunate to have worked in just about every aspect of the music business over the last 25 years.

You may have heard my playing on TV sessions I've recorded for shows like "24" and "Bones".

For more than a decade I ran the big band for one of the most popular shows in Europe - "Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas".

I've also conducted tours across Europe and performed with Symphony Orchestras.

 As a jazz musician I've performed thousands of shows in clubs, theatres, and festivals across Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada.

Over all this time I've learned a lot about playing saxophone, but also about teaching saxophone.

Let me share my knowledge with you!

Nigel McGill

Sax School is so easy to use.

With a simple, easy to navigate members area, Sax School is a breeze to use on any device. Simply choose the “Pathway” that suits you and work through the lessons to achieve your goals.

"Your system of teaching has made my sax playing a possibility! I'm a front man in a rock band, but wanted to play sax too. I started studying with Sax School and 60 days later was playing live - I've been playing with the band every night since then! Thanks a million."

Ian Barclay
Maine, USA

You’re not alone anymore, our community is here to help you!

As a Sax School member you never need to feel alone when learning saxophone. You will be part of our thriving, supportive, worldwide community of learners who are here to help you along the way, celebrate your learning milestones, and answer your questions. Plus you’ll get to join in on monthly challenges!

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Our structured lesson library will help you reach and exceed your learning goals. Want to just play for your friends, or aiming to be a gigging musician? We’ll help you get there!

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