Ready to boost your saxophone skills?

Alison Clark - England

“Without Sax School I wouldn't have been able to set myself up as a solo artist. I've still got a long way to go but I've learn't so much from your site. Thanks!”

Gordon Eckel - Rainbow Beach, Qld Australia

“Although I first tried to learn sax 50 years ago, it's thanks to your great site that I am now playing by music and not by ear. Keep up the great teaching mate!”

Susanne Pearce - Sweden

“I've started to play for the first time aged 59 and joined Sax School because I couldn't find a teacher nearby. Bingo! Now I can learn what and when I like, at my own speed. ”

How Sax School works

Sax School is your ultimate resource for developing amazing skills and learning your favourite tunes at your own pace. The Sax School Members Area contains a growing library of nearly 400 lessons and is a thriving community of thousands of learners from around the world.

Looking to take things further? Our Sax School courses give you a clear path to success with a laser focus on specific skills like BLUES, IMPROVISING or HORN SECTION PLAYING. Each course is laid out in an easy to follow, step by step structure. Just start at the first module and work your way through to get the most from each course.

Courses come complete with PDF and backing track downloads so you have all the resources you need. And, you can go back and revisit each course as many times as you like - you have permanent access!

Want to just check out some lessons first? Grab one or more of our MINI COURSES and try the Sax School lessons for yourself. You'll get instant access to the lesson and downloads so you can start fast.